Who am I

(The short version...)

I am a Mum, wife, coach, mentor and quantum healer. I have a Masters in Sport Psychology and three other “pieces of paper” to my name. Gaining those qualifications was a vital part of my journey. However, I found the traditional psychology concepts taught at Uni were very limited and I failed to flourish. I needed something different to heal me and to create the life I knew I was capable of.

In an effort to find my “answer”, I have devoted the last 10 years to further study of emotional healing and spiritual aspects of life and business. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars (and hours!) on personal development, coaching, and learning how to build a thriving business.

In summary, I discovered what DID help me! Now I share with my clients how I discovered a completely different paradigm to success:

 A holistic approach which starts with LOVE, spiritual alignment and JOY, coupled with practical success strategies based on science and universal laws. 

Over the last 10 years of assisting people to move toward their full potential, I have found true power in this approach.

My gift is to allow you to express the full magnificence of  who you are.

Find joy in every moment.

Discover more about how I can help you.


I have a Masters in Sport Psychology, a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Sport & Exercise Sciences and a Graduate Diploma of Organisational Psychology.


I have been working with clients for 15 years. For 8 of those years, I was a trainer for one of Australia's premier Life Coaching Programs.     I enjoy leading successful workshops and online courses.


My philosophy on life is that we are all infinite souls who are having a human experience.   I dream of a world where we operate from love and co-operation rather than ego and competition.

Who am I

(The Long version)


If I’m going to work with someone, I will take the time to read the long version of their story. So if you’re anything like me, this is for you. 🙂

I am a Mum and a wife, a coach, mentor, quantum healer. I am blessed with a gorgeous husband and two beautiful children who light up my world. I have a successful business that I run from home, and although I experience ups and downs like everyone else, I really love my life. It hasn’t always been this way.

I was good at school and followed my dream to become a Sport Psychologist. I love sport and the idea of working with athletes to move them toward peak performance sounded great! I dutifully completed a Bachelor of Science (at Melbourne Uni) and went on to also complete two Graduate Diplomas and a Masters in Sport Psychology. I left Uni after seven years with a list of credentials as long as my arm but with lacking some fundamentals of what I really needed to be successful at my craft.

I just didn’t have what it took to be a successful Sport Psychologist. My self esteem was at rock bottom, my physical health had deteriorated over my time at Uni. By the end of my studies, I was suffering from anxiety, fatigue, IBS, and felt like a complete loser that nothing I had learned in all those years of study was helping me! I simply wasn’t taught the skills I needed to “fix” me... how on earth was I going to be able to help anyone else?

I drifted in my career for almost 10 years, doing a lot of probono work with junior elite athletes in an attempt to forge a reputation and move onto a “great job”. I was working part time in my husband’s company doing bookkeeping work to keep some money coming in!

I felt so confused because I thought this was what I had always wanted and I could not see a way forward.

(Perhaps you can relate?)

THEN... my husband came across a personal development company called “Beyond Success” who had been doing emotional healing work and had started training Life Coaches.

Despite me wondering what on earth I would learn after having spent so many years at University, Peter insisted we both sign up (at $25,000!!) and OMG I finally found what had been missing for me.

In just 2 days of that first Coach Training course, I learned more about working with people than I had in 7 years at University studying Psychology! (I am not exaggerating).

So... What was the missing link (I hear you ask!)?

Two things.. (actually, three!)

1) The practical strategies of building great connections with a client: building rapport, asking great questions, non-verbal communication, listening skills. Sales, marketing and business skills - critical.

2) The LOVE ~ being genuine, being equal, compassion as healing tools in themselves. (“Holding the space” for my clients is the most powerful thing I do for them).

3) Emotional intelligence and healing.

Would you believe that in psychology we never learned about emotions?

I learned how to process emotions, how to understand them, how to heal past traumas... all in the space of a few days, and then over the course of the year in further training. Amazing!

So... I had found my THING!

But the story doesn’t end there. I went on to teach that very same Coach Training program and loved coaching and training coaches.

But.. there was still a missing link.

 I struggled to set goals and extend myself further. I knew I was here to serve more people but was reluctant to do so. I was fundamentally afraid of being seen, of stepping into my light, of raising my profile. 

(To be honest, this is still a work in progress, and maybe always will be. But I’ve come a long way!)

This is the point where the spiritual side came in. In 2015 I experienced a “dark night of the soul” after a program I launched was really successful. I panicked! Every belief I had about myself and the world became unstable and I had to cling on for dear life. I got through with the support of spiritual mentors and guides, as I needed new techniques to move me forward.

I immersed myself in study about energy, spirituality, Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction. I applied a variety of techniques I had learned about, and at the same time I taught my clients. My clients have been achieving amazing results since they started applying what I learned, and adding the spiritual aspect of success to their lives.

I have been in business for 10 years now and have seen many people follow the practical steps they’ve been taught, only to get nowhere because their energetic or spiritual alignment is not congruent with their goals.

Alternatively, I have seen just as many people fail to apply what they have learned. They can tell you many reasons why the time isn’t right for them or they’re not ready (and I am one of these people too!). Same reason - they just haven’t found the spiritual alignment yet. Which is totally fine, I have no judgement around that. But it’s nice to know, isn’t it?

If you know that there’s something missing from you achieving the success you’re capable of, please do get in touch - I’d love to chat about how I may be able to help.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level and share your gifts with the world, you’re in the right place.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.