All of my coaching and manifesting sessions
are designed
to help you to
reach all your goals, targets and dreams.

I work via Skype or Zoom with people from around the world.
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12 Week "VIP Manifesting Mastery" Experience


 The most effective way to reach your goals and targets is to work with me for three months.

This is for people who have tried everything to get where they want to be...
and not quite made it on their own!

  Features of this powerful package include:

1) Getting Really Clear on your goals and what you want to achieve over the 3 months
(and beyond if you wish!)
2) Identifying what beliefs have been stopping you from achieving your goal in the past.
3) Creating a plan of action and supporting implementation of that plan to get you there.
4) Powerful tools and techniques to help build your confidence and overcome any fears and doubts.

Scroll down to see some testimonials.

Goal-Boosting "Hour of Power"


Spend a supercharged hour with me to discover what might be
holding you back from achieving a specific goal or dream.
This option is perfect if you feel like there's a "missing link" in your
success mindset that you're not able to see on your own.

We will also create a written action plan,
so you'll know exactly what you need to do to move forward.

Reach Your Full Potential

Stephanie's purpose is to draw out your true magnificence, overcome obstacles and move toward your full potential. Together you will discover how to focus on what's really important - to allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Find Fulfilment in Life

A true gift of working with Stephanie is that she assists her clients in finding true fulfilment in everything they do. This allows you to live with less struggle and more flow,  passion and joy!

Powerful Manifesting

Stephanie will show you how to use manifesting techniques in your daily life to reach all your goals and targets, whilst having fun along the way.


“Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much you have helped me turn my life around over the past 5 months. Your belief in me and understanding is simply sensational. You are in my daily blessings often. I honestly never thought I would get to a stage where I am happy with my life and what I am doing. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways and I will always thank you for that.” Brett Ritchie

“Stephanie Kakris is a truly insightful human being. She has helped me move further along my personal development path than I could have imagined, in such a short timeframe. Her questions and suggestions are always thoughtful and considered, and sharing a coaching session with her is fun. She walks her talk and is an inspiration.” Kirsty Greenshields

“Before I started coaching with Steph, I was feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained, juggling two small children and feeling like “just" being a Mum wasn’t enough. I was also allowing other people's opinions make me feel terrible. Coaching with Steph, happened at exactly the right time in my life, I was feeling really low and needed insightful practical guidance. Steph's coaching has helped me become more clear about my values and what's important in my life. I have set firmer boundaries around who I spend time with, I made decisions based on what’s right for ME and my family first and foremost! As a result of coaching with Steph, my day runs more smoothly, I'm a better parent and my bucket is full. She just seems to know exactly what I need and when - she has given me insights into my life that I would never have seen on my own. Thank-you Steph for helping me get out of overwhelm, help me feel more energised and teach me how to focus on what's important to me." Gerry Huston

“Stephanie coached me during my coach training and I went from having "no idea" to deciding what I would like to specialize in as a coach. Thanks to Stephanie, her passion for coaching along with her persistent questions and deliberate listening skills I was able to go from nothing to creating a 3 month online automated program; helping women get over their Emotional Eating. I have now started coaching business and have, pitched my product to over 100 business people and now have a one hour spot lined up on a live webinar with Australia’s No.1 mindset coach: Mr Paul Blackburn. I am also a singer; I love singing Opera but was way too afraid to sing in front of anyone so I would just practice behind the scenes. I have now gained the confidence to audition and will be in my 1st live Opera this year and I will also sing at the French Festival. Stephanie is compassionate and real and having her as my Coach was instrumental in my success. I would recommend her to anyone who wants more out of life – especially if they don’t know what that something is. Thank you Steph! Renae Bressi

Steph Kakris is an insightful, down to earth, compassionate, empathic, challenging coach. Her intuitive ability to know how I was feeling, without asking, allowed her to guide our discussions to where they needed to go. She sometimes gently posed challenging questions that drew out responses to create “aha” moments and turning points for me.

Before I started working with Steph, my life had been and still was a series of ups and downs. Steph’s patience and support throughout our time working together has been invaluable. Steph has helped me to overcome an emotional roller coaster, find inner strength and peace and make life changing decisions. Her encouragement and belief in me has empowered me to believe in myself and my abilities as I move into a new chapter of my life.

Thank you so much, Steph.

Ros Dollisson