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Mindset & Success Coaching

Stephanie offers one-on-one success coaching with truly life changing results. Stephanie combines her expertise in mindset, emotions and energy to help you take your dreams from your imagination into your reality.

Online Programs

Join Stephanie for one of her powerful yet affordable group programs. Her two signature programs are "Quantum Leap" - a manifesting masterclass - and "Quantum Money" - a 28 day e-course guaranteed to transform your relationship with money.


Stephanie runs life changing weekend retreats in Melbourne's beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Stephanie combines her mindset work with energy healing sessions over the weekend with her cousin who is a kinesiologist.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you have a specific goal or dream - or should I say a burning desire -  that is longing for you to bring it to life?

Would you love to create:

- more wealth to buy something you've always wanted - such as a dream car or home

- a loving partner to share your life with

- a thriving business to make a difference?


You're in the right place!
My expertise is helping people take something specific from their imagination into reality.

It might be something you've wanted your whole life but it continues to elude you.

Or it might be something more recent that means the world to you.

In my experience there are many factors in bringing your energy into alignment with what you want.

For example:

- self doubt
- feeling lack of deserving or low self worth
- past life experiences
- ancestral / DNA patterning

Some things you couldn't possibly discover on your own no matter how hard you tried!

Book a "Goal Boosting Hour of Power" breakthrough session with Steph today - and together we'll make a plan to bring your dreams to life!


"Since learning and applying Steph’s manifesting techniques, my life has become more amazing than ever! First, (after searching for two years), I landed a great job with nearly double the salary.

Then, I manifested the annual leave and the money out of “nowhere” for the trip of a life time.

And to top it off I have attracted the most wonderful partner!

I am absolutely convinced that all this is as a direct result of what I have learned from Steph."

Arch Downie

Project manager, Qld, Australia

"I have done two of Steph’s programs and some 1-1 coaching with her. In just 6 months my whole life has been transformed.

Instead of fighting like cat and dog, my husband and I are working together as a team and enjoying each other’s company. My money mindset has completely shifted and I am amazed at the turn around of our business in such a short time.

I am also a better Mum from applying some parenting strategies Steph has taught me. The future looks bright, and I am so grateful for all her help!"

Sheena Crittle

Cattle Farmer, Qld, Australia

"I have mentored with many coaches and healers and Stephanie is one of the best I've worked with. She has a rare talent for breaking complex and overwhelming challenges in life and business into small, simple and powerful steps to help you move forward. Couple this with her unwavering belief in her clients, I believe working with Stephanie is a must if you are looking for breakthrough coaching and mentoring right now."

Julie Lewin

Medical Intuitive and Business Mentor, Qld, Australia

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